Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DCR Partnership Project Update

THANK YOU to all who have contributed to the DCR Partnership project for improvements to the Arboretum Crosswalk & Arborway Hillside woodlands, continuing the "Gateway to the Arborway" project.  We have already received 35 checks, for a total nearing $3000, which is a terrific!  We still need to raise more than $3,000, so please consider a donation of any size - no amount is too small (or too large...) Please see side bar for info on how to contribute.


• Arboretum Crosswalk: Ped/Bike Safety Improvements
• Arborway Hillside: Woodlands Management Plan

The Gateway to the Arborway aims to improve connections between the Emerald Necklace Parks and the neighborhoods of Jamaica Plain and to make the parkway safe and beautiful for all users. The Arborway Coalition and partners have previously worked on restoring the historic stone wall across from Jamaica Pond, replacing the chain link fence, and tree pruning.

For this project, our focus is public safety and woodlands management. The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) will contribute $2 for every $1 we raise. In order to complete these projects, the community must raise $7,000 by May 31.

Donations are tax-deductible and no amount is too large or too small. See side bar for information on how to contribute and who to contact for questions/suggestions.